On behalf of the WAKO Para & Inclusive Kickboxing Committee chaired by Mr. Jesús Eguía Martín, by the present you’re invited to join the 1st online webinar on WAKO Para & Inclusive Kickboxing.

Date: Saturday, July 6th at 3:30 p.m. CET.
Duration: 2 hours
Registrations are open on Sportdata and can be done by the WAKO membership system.

Contents of the WAKO webinar on Para & inclusive Kickboxing:

1) Introduction about disability and sport

– History of inclusive sport

– Sport as a means of integration

– Benefits of sport for people with disabilities

2) Inclusive Parakickboxing

– What is Inclusive Parakickboxing?

– Who is it aimed at?

3) Figures needed to develop Parakickboxing in your federations

– Classifiers

– Referees

– Sport assistants

– Technicians

4) Classification process

– Eligible or ineligible

– Sport classes

5) Competition

– Rules and regulations

For any further information you may need on this topic please contact: