Blitz them All event is a special event whose purpose is helping fighters to develope the most of their fighting style. A special event in which the concepts of the lessons are based on the intensive point fight training methodology held by some of the best coaches in the world that will be applied in the context of one of the most prestigious competition. Purpose of these two days is to create an enviroment in order to grow and improve, without the tensions we usually feel during the common competitions. A moment of sharing for growing all together technically, tactically, strategically and mentally. We want to capture the total beauty of our sport, bringing together on a single mat, adults and kids, men and women, referees and fighters, champions and beginners.7 After training we will compete in the Golden Glove because we well know that we can improve only facing other fighters, but at the same time we want this competition to be a different one.

Luca Terrin
(GG Organizer)

Gregorio Di Leo
(Iptf Founder)