Dear Coaches

We would like to once again invite you to the largest fighting tournament in the world today. 2014 was an amazing year for us, we broke all records for the fourth year in a row, surpassing all our expectations. we really are delighted with the continued positive feedback from coaches and fighters alike from our post event survey, amazingly 99.8% of coaches intend on returning in 2015. The Irish Open is run by fighters for fighters in aid of a very worthy charity, the Irish Society for the protection of Children. Please do not forget that it is unique in this regard in that nobody gets paid at all, every penny of profit is donated to the ISPCC. No other tournament in the world today offers 17 7×7 meter matted areas, two 8 x 8 matter areas for forms and one/two rings. It has become the most prestigious fighting tournament in Europe if not the world.

We are very grateful to our Premium Platinum main sponsors Airtricity, Top Ten, SAP, and KWON for their support for the event and the charity itself.

The 2014 Irish Open Event saw 37 Countries attend with over 3,500 competitors. It is officially the biggest event in the WAKO Calendar. We had the greatest fighters in the world today converge on Dublin to see who really is the best.

We continue to strive to make our event better for the fighter and to this aim we have changed some things The BIG change this year is that we have added a -12 years old points section for boys and girls to ensure fairness and increased participation of children who are the life blood of our sport. We have added 24 sections to this group, to improve the cadet experience.

We must thank the referees over the years, to many to mention, but we really do have the best officials in the world, whose only focus is the safety and enjoyment of the fighter without politics or favor. Our volunteers are legendary, 140 people helping out over three days to make our experience more enjoyable.

We would like to remind you that all adult registrations take place on Thursday/Friday 2 nd March and All Junior/Cadet registrations take place on Saturday 3 rd March, NO registrations or Weight control will be done on Sunday the 4th March. Open committee is delighted to once again associated with the Irish Society for prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC). The Logo for 2011 was “DOING IT FOR THE CHILDREN” and it really was a very good description of the 2011 event. All teams must be FULLY registered on or before 24th February. ABSOLUTELY no late registrations will be accepted. We have automatic pre registration for all teams on line fmnow at

Please be aware Due to the phenomenal growth in Light Contact, Light Contact will be starting on Friday night, so all light contact fighters must be weighed in by 5pm on Friday 6 th March.

We are very proud of what the Irish Open has become; it really is an amazing event, with so many international fighters. This truly gives your students a rare opportunity to compete against international fighters of the same level. We look forward to seeing all our friends at what is a very unique get together of the world’s most talented Martial Artist Athletes in what will be an inspirational weekend filled with energy and passion unmatched in the fighting tournament scene today.


Irish Open Organizing Committee

Where Legends are Born

2013 arena with mats