Dear Friends,

We proudly present you the program and the staff of the KiralyTeam Summer Camp 2011 lead by Master Istvan Kiraly and this year first with 5 World Class Instructors!

The age of “ blind trainings ” (1000 kicks, punches and pushups without analysis) is faded away so KiralyTeam is providing for the Summer Camp participants the brand new way of pointfighting training methodology based on the complete analysis and the targeted development. Master Istvan Kiraly is using the same training method during his Pointfighting Masters World Tour which was welcomed with great success on his previously visited stations. During this seminar series the fighters could hear their long term training plans and learn the newest techniques and fighting tactics from Master Istvan Kiraly and his 2 reigning World Champions: Zsolt Moradi and Krisztian Jaroszkievicz.

The key goal of the analysis-based trainings is to explore your most important strengths and deepest weaknesses on the tatami, make them visible for yourself and following the personalized training plan to reach a more successful fighting style. You only need to follow the five steps with us:

Step #1 : ANALYSIS &rdash we explore your most important strength and deepest weaknesses together

Step #2: REALIZATION &rdash we make them visible for yourself

Step #3: SOLUTION &rdash we evaluate them and find the solution together

Step #4: PRACTICING &rdash we practice the personalized