Personal analysis and fighting strategies of the present and future —
All day sparring with over 40 various style international pointfighter —

KiralyTeam invites YOU to participate in the 7th International Pointfighting Summer Camp where fighters AT ALL LEVEL from all over the world meet and prepare together for
– WAKO Cadets & Junior European Championships,
– WAKO World Championships,
– SportAccord World Combat Games in Saint Petersburg, Russia,
– and tournament season of the second part of year 2013.
This year as well KiralyTeam offers a unique opportunity and take coaches, fighters and parents into professional pointfighting training with thematical workshops, video analysis and personal cosultations with coaches and parents. KiralyTeam Summer Camp is not just the best opportunity to train with the leaders of pointfighting, but the greatest one to become the part of a real homely pointfighting community.