Dear wako and sportsfriends,

I hereby like to invite you for the trainings weekend in Groningen, Holland.

This will be organized by Earl Blijd from Bao Trieu.

Wako members will be granted a extra discount of € 5,00.

This weekend will take place at the 13 th and 14 th of June.

As you can see there will be a number of Martial arts sports and it will be an experience of two days.

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The Saturday will be Chinese focused while the Sunday will be more divers.

Both days you will be able to choose between 3 seminars.

If I can just mentioned a few sports:

Semi Contact and Light contact with Mieke Hink and Owen King (TopTen UK)

Thai Boxing with Tyrone Spong (World Chmpion Heavy weight It’s Showtime)

K1 with Ernest Hoost (4 times K1 Champion)

Boxing with Santiago Gonzalez Cintra (140 fights, 9 losses and 5times chosen most technical boxer of Cuba)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Augusto Ferrari (one of the best teachers worldwide in BJJ)

, but also many others worth participating see .

Further links on the weekend are:

· Registration Form – English (word file; also check the registration instruction below)

· Inschrijfformulier – Nederlands (word-document; zie de invulinstructies hieronder)

· Inschrijfformulier voor BTB-leden (word-document; zie de invulinstructies hieronder)

· Visuals on YouTube of BTB Training Weekend 2007: Saturday and Sunday

· Video & Photo Report of the BTB Training Weekend 2003 !!!o

For information on the weekend and hotels please contact:

Earl Blijd


Kung Fu / Wuhu / Taijiquan / Sanda / Self Defence / Lion Dance / Dragon Dance

Spicastraat 198, 9742 LZ Groningen, the Netherlands

tel/fax: +31 (0) 50 571 54 70


Of course it is always possible to contact me also.

Hope to see you on Trainingsweekend.

Best regards,

Alexander Engelhardt


WAKO Nederland

P.O. Box 715

1180 AS Amstelveen

The Netherlands

Phone : +31- (0)20- 6404264

Fax : +31- (0)20- 6404284

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