WAKO Senior World Championships for Point Fighting, Light Contact, Full Contact and Musical Forms will take place in Dublin, Ireland, from 21st to 29th November 2015 .

For all necessary information about the event please download the official invitation herewith enclosed.

REGISTRATION online will be opened very soon at http://www.easy-registration.de/ and must be done not later than 10 th November 2015 !
No registrations will be accepted after that date.

If your forgot your Country LOG IN and PASSWORD please contact:
Mr Jens Walbersdorf – wakoevent@gmx.de or barbaraf@wakoweb.com

For your information the local organizing committee has notified the Irish Visa Entry Department and the Minister of the upcoming World Championships.
If you require a visa you must turn to the appropriate Irish Embassy or consulate in your country. In case any issues arise turn to the organizing board.

To easily check which countries require a visa for Ireland please visit the Ministry of Internal Affairs web site at the following link, where you can find all necessary information about visas:

Visa procedure may take minimum 60 days so it is necessary to duly fill in the APPENDIX N.4 “APPLICATION FORM FOR VISA REQUEST” , that you can find at pag.21 of the enclosed official invitation, and send it back by e-mail to Visa officer:
Mr. Mark Smith
mark.smith@tulsa.ie by 10 th September 2015!

It is YOUR responsibility to request visa on time, the earlier you do it the more probability of success.
September 10 th is ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for visa applications for the Championships in Ireland, LOC has got support of the minister, but applications must be done on time, to be successful.
Thank you very much in advance for cooperation.

We would like also to remind that according to WAKO rules and regulations the eligibility for the participation to this WAKO Championship is reserved only to WAKO National Federation/Association members .

For participation it is also MANDATORY to have duly provided with payment of the AFFILIATION FEE 2015 before the event takes place .

For any other detail or information about the event please contact: Roy Baker – roy.baker@airtricity.com