Dear WAKO Members,

Please find here below attached the Official Invitation letter containing all necessary details about the World Championships 2017 (All disciplines).

I am kindly inviting you to take part in the WAKO Senior and Masters World Championships to be organized in Budapest from 3rd to 12th November 2017. As you may know due to the withdrawal of Brazil, where Light, Low-kick and K1 disciplines would have been organized, Budapest has now the opportunity to organize the joint WAKO Senior and Masters World Championships including all disciplines.

Since WAKO has seven disciplines such an event has not been organized yet. This will be the first time when all fighters and athletes of all disciplines would compete at the same World Championships.

I hope you will be satisfied with the organization of Hungary and the quality of the event.

In order to ensure successful organization I have some requests to you that I am kindly asking you to respect:

1 – The first competition day of the WAKO World Championships – 6th November 2017, Monday because we have all disciplines with a huge number of fighters we must start the qualifying fights on Monday so we will be able to finish the competition in time according to the schedule. So we will start on 6th November, Monday.

2 – Registration, weigh-in, medical checks – 3rd – 4th November 2017, Friday and Saturday – It will be not possible to do them later on!!
Due to the fact that we start the qualifying matches on Monday, therefore the whole program has to be moved one day forward, meaning all referee and coach seminars, and also the drawing is organized on Sunday. This way we had to move the registration and the weigh-in one day ahead. The registration, weigh-in and medical control of the WAKO World Championship are organized on 3rd and 4th November 2017, Friday and Saturday. There is no possibility to do them later on!!!

There is no registration after Saturday!!!

3 – Deadline for booking hotel accommodations is 1st August 2017!!!
I would like to inform you that due to high scale tourism the accommodations are limited in Budapest even in November.

Therefore to be able to guarantee the best prices to you that you can see in the brochure and at www.welltravel.hu/booking under kickboxing title you must book all accommodations and pay 50% of their costs until 1st August 2017 the latest .

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that who book their accommodation after the deadline with the official travel agent of WAKO, called Welltravel, can find 20-30% higher prices!!

The organizers can guarantee and officially confirm those accommodations only that are officially booked and 50% of their costs are paid through the website of Welltravel until 1st August 2017 the latest!!

Those persons, including athletes, sports leaders, judges, referees, officials who do not book their accommodation at the official hotels offered by organizers will be excluded from the accreditation and cannot take part in the World Championships!!!

4 – Meetings on 5th November 2017, Sunday :
All official meetings and drawing are organized on 5th November 2017, Sunday. You can find their schedule in the brochure.

5 – Masters categories:
In this year, for the first time ever, besides Pointfighting and Light-contact disciplines also Kick-light discipline is available for Masters!!

Dear Friends,
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be most happy to help you!!

Best regards,

Istvan Kiraly
Chairman of the Organizing Committee
WAKO World Championship, Budapest, Hungary – 2017
+36309400935 – kiru6611@gmail.com


We would like also to remind that according to WAKO rules and regulations the eligibility for the participation to this WAKO World Championship is reserved only to WAKO National Federation/Association members .

For participation it is also MANDATORY to have duly provided with payment of the AFFILIATION FEE 201 7 by bank transfer only before the event takes plac e .