#131 WAKO members recognized by governmental and sports authorities!

January 17, 2023
WAKO has concluded a successful 2022 year with new official recognitions from National Sports Authorities of the countries:
11th January 2023 is the date when WAKO TEAM USA have made a great step forward in recognition and acknowledgement of sport of kickboxing in USA.
They have received an active membership status in the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee Affilate Organizations Council (AOC).
Great Britain with Northern Ireland, with full recognition by the sport council, Guatemala and Angola by their respective sport committees as well as Olympic committees gives a strong wind into our wings to fly even higher.
WAKO IF President Mr. Roy Baker was delighted by the news of the latest recognition by the US Olympic council of the sport of kickboxing.
“The acceptance letter that WAKO Team USA have received from the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, making them the only Recognized Sport Organization for Kickboxing in the Affiliate Organizations Council of the USOPC, is very important step which brings WAKO USA closer to full recognition. With other three WAKO members, we have in WAKO now 131 country with kickboxing organizations recognized by the National Olympic Committees and the highest sport governmental institutions. I look forward to the growth and development of kickboxing and I beleive our dreams will come true”, said WAKO President Roy Baker.
Please read the Newsletter here below attached.

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