June 9, 2008

GAISF, one of the most important and respected international sport association which has among its members 105 affiliated international sport federations and it is under IOC umbrella, just hosted its 2008 General Assembly in Athens Hilton Hotel.

WAKO was represented there by 3 members of its Board, i.e. Ennio Falsoni (president), Richard Leyer and Espen Lund, both vice-presidents.

The Sportaccord organization and the hosting Municipality of Athens did a remarkable job during the 4 days works and we enjoied a beautiful hospitality.

During the Sportaccord, we also participated in the plenary session of the Martial Arts Games (MAG) during which the 13 international federations taking part in the project decided a new name for their first event which will take place in 2010. Reason is that unfortunately other irresponsible people have already misused the name. To avoid being confused with such an organization, we have unanimously decided for a new one, also because boxing and wrestling (which are part of the program) are not “martial arts”. Final decision about the new name will be taken in Moscow, during next MAG meetiong scheduled on 14th december 2008.

A town in China will probably host our first event (rumours talk about Macau or Bejing itself!) which will take into consideration only an élite of competitors, really the “best of the best”. The event , to grant media appeal, will guarantee a level of excellency, like the Olympics.

In the pictures you find in the Album section, you have the different moment we enjoied in Athens, together with the great satisfaction of seeing our WAKO logo together with the other international official sport federations forming the IOC family. A great satisfaction indeed!

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