June 9, 2009

The 2009 Rimini World Cup is just over and we had another great event with amazing numbers: 1900 the competitors in representation of 27 countries.

The most successful style was, once again, “semi contact kickboxing” or “point fighting” for which we have used 12 fighting areas.

The Rimini World Cup will be remembered not only for the beautiful and well equipped sport-hall we have used, but also because we had two positive tests: for the fist time ever WAKO has adopted the electronic “Open scoring system” even in Full Contact and we have officially launched a new mat style (which will replace the Aero-kickboxing from 2010) called “kick light”, a continuous light contact sparring style where competitors could also attack the legs of their opponents. About a 100 the fighters who took part in this new competition. In particular we had 3 gold medals for Jordan fighters who did really well.

Photo: the magnificent 105 sport-hall in Rimini which hosted the 2009 event

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