October 17, 2009

Our president Ennio Falsoni is just back from Korea where he went to meet the highest sport authorities of the country in order to support the official recognition of WAKO Korea, leaded by Mr. Kim Beom Suk.

In the same day our Korean members organized for him three meetings in a row: at lunch time a private reception with Dr. Un Yong Kim, former IOC vice-president, founder of modern taekwondo that he brought to the Olympic Games; then in the afternoon with Mr. Y S Park, president of Korean Olympic Committee who guaran teed a fast track for the recognition of WAKO Korea; and last but not least , at dinner time, a meeting with Ph. Dr. Yun Tak Lee, former president of Korean Olympic Committee. All meetings were very cordial and everybody expressed their total support to the cause of WAKO Korea which in just a year of life has reached the incredible figure of 10.000 members.

The news of Mr. Ennio Falsoni’s visit to Korea was then spread in the different websites and that brought to an incredible response from different martial arts schools in Korea: just 2 days later, 200 new gyms called to join now WAKO Korea.

That’s incredible, but…true.

Mr. Falsoni, immediately after Seoul, went to Busan, city where the WAKO Korea headquarters is located, for a visit to the local Municipality and a meeting with he young leaders of WAKO Korea. A real great experience!

For more pictures about Mr. Falsoni’s trip to Korea, please go to gallery.

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