June 16, 2008

Nomination of Aleksandr Voinov by the President of Kyrgyz Republic as a head of the state agency of Physical culture and sports of Kyrgyz Republic

Wako is pleased to inform that on last June 16, 2008 Mr. Aleksandr Voinov the President of Wako Asian Kickboxing Federation (WAKO ASIA) was nominated by the President of Kyrgyz Republic as chairman of the State agency of physical culture and sports, affairs of youth and protection of children of the Government of Kyrgyz Republic.

This is the highest position in Kyrgyz sport administration, i.e. the rank of a Minister).

Mr. Aleksandr Voinov has been developing WAKO in Central Asia very actively since 1990. In 1996 he promoted a very successful WAKO World Championship in low-kick and in particular participated together with Mr. Nasser Nassiri (Wako Asian Continental Division) and Mr. Falsoni P(resident of Wako) in the foundation of Wako Asian Kickboxing Federation back in December 1996.

Aleksandr Voinov , together with Nasser Nassiri, has worked in the last decade with the goal of obtaining the recognition of OCA (Olympic Council of Asia) what they did obtain in May 2007 as the only body in charge of Kickboxing in Asia. Kickboxing was then included in 2nd Asian Indoor Games (see the three of them in the picture in Macau 2007).

On behalf of Wako and Wako Asia board members and all Wako’s members we would like to felicitate and congratulate with Mr. Aleksandr Voinov and Kyrgyz people !

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