Andres Garcia is WAKO’s candidate for WADA Committee

August 14, 2022

WADA (World Antidoping Agency)  has opened a process of the election of 20 members of WADA’s Athlete Council, and called all International Federations to submit their proposals.

There are 35 world international sport federations, that applied for the prestigious 8 vacant places in the WADA Committee. Voting, which is exclusively for the IF-s, will be between 29-31 August 2022.

WAKO and  its Athlete Committee as the one of the stakeholders, has proposed Mr. Andres Garcia (GUA), the WAKO Athletes’ Committee member, as the candidate for this prestigeous position.

As WADA said, „The new Athlete Council will represent, support and promote the voices of athletes on anti-doping matters; and, will be the venue for athletes, chosen by athletes, to assume important seats within WADA’s governing bodies“, WAKO is sure our candidate is the best choice for this job.

Andres Garcia (36) is an athlete with great experience in kickboxing, a long time competitor and also a coach who, with his mature age, can be a reliable source of relevant information about anti doping for the new generations of kickboxers to come. He is well known in WAKO as a person of authority because for him there are no secrets either in the field of sports or in officiating. He has gone through every segment of our sport. He knows all the challenges, misconceptions and risks of practicing kickboxing, but also very much knows the matters that are of most interest to our athletes.

Most impostant, we as the International federation trust he will spread the best message, with the word and his overall authority.

Beside his imposant sport career, he is Bachelor in Marketing, Universidad Rafael Landivar, Guatemala. From 2001 he has been teaching Martial Arts since 2013 in his own club Schumanns Martial arts Santuaria. Since 2016 Andres has been President of WAKO (NF) Guatemala.

Andres’ favorite quote:

“Being an athlete and a coach at the same time, it means to be a role model, and it goes much beyond simple performance in the ring. I become a life changer, I inspire new generations living by my ethic code, my values, my discipline and passion.“

WAKO wish him good luck in the election process!

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