Breaking news: GAISF has been dissolved after 55 years

December 1, 2022
During GAISF extraordinary General Assembly held in Lausanne on 29th November 2022, the decision of dissolution of the Global Association of International Sport Federations (GAISF) was made after majority of delegates vote in favour of the decision.
The SportAccord will be new umbrella body for the international sport federations and there is already agenda of optimizing the costs, maximising the efficiency and better organisation of the human resources inside the new organisation.
WAKO Vice-President Espen Lund and Board member Donato Milano have participated in GA and the meetings in Lausanne that ended in a resolution to dissolve GAISF.
Despite the concerns for this transition, however the decision is made and WAKO now focus on the future.
During the sessions, WAKO representatives Lund and Milano clearly said to the GAISF President Ivo Ferriani, now also Sportaccord President, that WAKO is available to engage in order to secure a safe transformation to Sportaccord as the new umbrella organisation.
Sportaccord will have more business approach to sports organisations engagement and will still continue to serve and protect in the name of the IFs.
Decision is taken – Lets engage, involve and develop.

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