CENTURY Martial Arts becomes Golden sponsor and product partner of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO)

January 15, 2021

CENTURY Martial Arts “World Leader in Martial Arts since 1976” and WAKO, the only world IOC recognized Kickboxing organization with more than 3 million active members, seal a new era.

This new collaboration is long-term and should find the way for the sport beyond the various games coming up like World Games, Combat games, European Games, Asian indoor Martial Arts Games and SEA games.

In these special times, the collaboration of such global companies and brands can achieve a lot for the sport of Kickboxing. Since 1976, Mike Dillard, the founder of CENTURY, has provided innovations for martial arts, and WAKO, founded in 1977, has developed into the umbrella organization for 130 affiliated nations in the 5 continents, of which 105 are officially recognized by either National Olympic Committee or relevant National Government Sports Authority.

Markus Liedtke, Managing Director of the European Division of Century Martial Arts, together with the current WAKO President, Roy Baker, made this new agreement a reality. “We are very proud to have found an ideal partner in WAKO to team up as a sponsor and product partner from 2021, with whom we can support the sport globally. The WAKO matches with our global expansion concept. I am very happy about our now fixed cooperation. Century and WAKO – two big worldwide brands, that just fits perfectly! In our global team we already have WAKO multiple world champions like, László Gömbös, with whom we can support our new partner very solid and will develop products “from Champions to You”, the CEO of CENTURY Martial Arts Europe GmbH says.

The World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO) is the largest international organization for sport of kickboxing. WAKO became a member of the World Sports Association Sportaccord (now GAISF) in 2006 and has been recognized by the IOC since 2018.

WAKO kickboxing is recognized as the 37th member of the World Games Family (IWGA) and has been included in The World Games from 2017. The next edition will be in Birmingham, Alabama, USA 2022 and kickboxing has been included in official sports program.

As an important milestone, the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO) was recognized by International Olympic Committee on November 30, 2018 and so became a part of the Olympic family.

WAKO organizes bi-annual Continental and World Championships (in all seven disciplines), World and Continental Cups and Open tournaments, for cadets, juniors and for seniors, in both male and female divisions, where only national teams are accepted.

WAKO kickboxing has 7 competitive disciplines, three ring and four tatami disciplines.

Tatami disciplines:

  • Point fighting
  • Kick light
  • Light contact
  • Forms

Ring disciplines:

  • Full contact
  • Low kick
  • K1

Continental Associations:

• WAKO Africa – with 23 member countries

• WAKO Pan-America – with 26 member countries

• WAKO Asia – with 35 member countries

• WAKO Europe – with 44 member countries

• WAKO Oceania – with 2 member countries

The WAKO has passed a long way from its first legends: Bill Wallace, Jeff Smith and Joe Lewis to millions of practitioners of today’s kickboxing around the world.

With modern Marketing and Media strategy, WAKO has gained over 250,000 fans on Social Media platforms.

CENTURY Martial Arts is martial arts history: Founded in 1976 by US martial arts master Mike Dillard, Century began as a one-man business. His parents’ garage was his workbench and his van was his showroom. After earning black belts and awards in many styles over the course of his martial arts career, he knew that success requires dedication and hard work.

Forty-four years later, with the guiding principles of thorough research, state-of-the-art product development, the highest quality assurance, fast delivery and friendly customer service, Century has developed into the world’s largest supplier of martial arts and martial arts equipment and accessories. The high-quality products have been used and co-developed for years by some of the greatest martial artists such as Chuck Norris, Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace, Herb Pérez, Mike Swain, Ernie Reyes, Ricardo Liborio, and Mike Chat. In addition to many UFC champions, many Hollywood stunt performers such as Caitlin Dechelle (stunt double for Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman) are users of the CENTURY Martial Arts brand.

Classic fitness training, but also Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Karate, Taekwondo and Kung Fu are possible with the products of Century Martial Arts Europe and can also support cross-fitness and yoga. The focus is on the passion for martial arts and fitness. Century’s guiding principle is that martial arts can fundamentally change your life. Century Martial Arts is all about dedication to that passion.

Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, CENTURY Martial Arts is a martial artist-run company that designs and manufactures martial arts equipment.

Century is the shop for all martial arts, whether you need boxing or kickboxing gloves, a standing punching bag, a Gi or sports karate equipment. The company even offers tactical self-defense equipment and study aid products for preschoolers. In addition, there is also a large selection of high-quality martial arts articles, such as martial arts uniforms and belts, which are manufactured directly in our own factory. The original Wavemaster® free standing punching bags, fitness equipment, sparring equipment and much more – CENTURY invented the world’s first free standing punching bag 25 years ago and went down in history when they developed the first free-standing, best-selling punching bag with a human body – the BOB, which became a trademark has been. BOB gave birth to many “children” in his lifetime, such as the BOB XL, VS.BOB, Bobby Bully and many more. For this reason, this outstanding MADE IN USA product, the BOB, can often be seen in numerous Hollywood film and television productions (The Boys, Cobra Kai, Law & Order, etc.). You could say that the CENTURY BOB is one of the “precious statists” in Hollywood.

In 2019, the owner and the management team of CENTURY USA decided to found CENTURY Martial Arts Europe GmbH, based in Dortmund, with his long-term German partner Markus Liedtke. With the logistical experience and the central European warehouse in Dortmund, an optimal service is guaranteed. Since then, European martial artists, trainers, clubs, dojos, fitness studios have been able to buy the attractive articles and the latest innovations from Century here.

Century offers everything that is needed for optimal training. Century’s martial arts catalog offers a large selection of training and show weapons, mats, patches, sparring equipment and other products. Century works with several brand partnerships such as GAMENESS, Fight Camp or the renowned BLACK BELT magazine and has cooperation with the PAUL MITCHELL Karate, Rock Steady Boxing, Bruce Lee Foundation, USA Karate, “Kids Kicking Cancer” or “Fight for the Forgotten” team together.

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