Coaching in Za’atary Refugee Camp

January 28, 2019

A successful coaching camp was organized in the Za’atary refugee camp in Jordan from 20th to 24th January 2019.
Our international delegate, Gianpaolo Calajo, was present in order to coach the local personnel and to hold training sessions for the kids. The workshop was coordinated by Peace and Sport.
In the gallery you can see some pictures that show both enthusiasm and energy, captured during those days.
Mr. Calajo is a very dedicated specialist in training, coaching and inspiring children. He has a unique concept developed in his Aikiya club and an incredible knowledge that he’s able to transmit. Our local coach Ali and his team learned about the tools to be used in the daily program.
The Live Together program educates children, giving them self-esteem, confidence and positive values.
We thank our partner SAP, that donated the equipment.
The Live Together program is life changing for many kids. WAKO, with the support of few people, could once again help many children to realize their own value. WAKO is really proud to be part of the Live Together Program, a change maker. Thanks to Iris and Peace and Sport for this opportunity.

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