Criteria for WAKO referees licence – Ring Sports

September 25, 2013

A class:

1. Must have B licence
2. Referring on 3 World Championships
3. Referring on 3 Continental Championships
4. Good success on 6 Referee seminars (international)

B class:

1. Must have C licence
2. Referring on 2 World championships
3. Referring on 2 Continental championships
4. Good success on 4 international referee seminars

C class:
1. Must have national licence
2. Referring on 1 World championships as a unofficial judge
3 .Referring on 1 Continental championships as a unofficial judge
4. Good success on 2 International seminars


A class and B class additional requirements:

1.To know electronic system and to be able to work with it.
2.To know WAKO rules and to be able to answer questions concerning the rules and to be able to solve issues.
3. A class must be able to be equally good in different positions: judge, referee, kickcounter, main judge at the table.
4. He or she should not cause split decisions. ( Sometimes, when the fight is equal, one judge sees the real result. Its delicate issue.)
5. He or she should not contact fighters or fans.
6. He or she should know and be able if nesessary to hold the weigh-in, the drafting etc.
7. He’s or her clothing and apperance is flawless.

Chairman of Referee Committee for Ring Sports
prof. Borislav Pelevic Ph. D.

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