DANISH OPEN 28/03/2009

January 19, 2009

Dear kickboxing friends,

Aalborg Kickboxing proudly invites you and your team to join the 9th annual Danish Open international kick- and thaiboxing tournament in Denmark at the 28th of March 2009 .
Being one of Scandinavia ‘s largest light contact, full contact, semi contact and thaiboxing one-day fighting event, we welcome fighters, coaches and spectators from all over the world to attend this tournament.

What’s new from last year? (please note that all information also are included in the invitation you can download here )

WEIGH-IN: All weigh-in are this year carried out no later than Friday the 27th (locations and time are included in the invitation). This is not least to prevent last minute cancellations and to ensure proper matching.

ACCOMODATION: Since we’re forcing everyone to show up in Denmark no later that the 27th, we’re have in Aalborg arranged free accommodation at a school in close proximity to the tournament. Please note that this is only from Friday to Saturday (tournament day) .
The space at the school are limited to 100 guests, and will be given to the first 100 who requests it.
Sleep mat, sleeping bag etc. are not present and must be brought.

REGISTRATION: Registration MUST include; Dojo, Full name, Gender, Age, Discipline (Light, Full, Semi, Low, High), Experience (required in full contact, requested in light contact).
REMEMBER to participate in full contact at the age of above 30 years, you are REQUIRED to document that you have had a neurologic medical examination no older than one year!!

FACEBOOK: If you or your DoJo use Facebook, you can “ attend ” the Danish Open 2009 Facebook Event &rdash simply write Danish Open in the search field. At the event you can view discussions and see what other fighters might attend the tournament.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions, or visit the official Danish Open website at

Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards,

Rasmus Maack,

Chairman of events

+45 2227 2723

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