Days of high level!

October 4, 2013

We have really witnessed some really actionpacked fights these two days. To mention some extract, especially yesterday a fight in Low-Kick -75 kg was enormous intensive. Filipe Pereira from Portugal was leading by far after two rounds against Andrea Andrenacci, Italy. But, my god what a 3 rd round. The Italian was waking up and totally dominated and won the fight. The next fight on the programme as also enormous tough. Where Chris Cichon from USA fought did a impressive work against Lucal Cristobal from Argentinian. The argentinian was very good and really tried in the last round and both fighters had knock downs. But the American won after controlling the last minutes. Intense. However in the next fight the American lost against Russian Khasan Khaliev. Khaliev who also won an intense semifinal against Tadeu San Martino from Brazil.

Again I must say I am impressed by the Chinese after winning 3 successive fights. Especially Guang Yang who stopped Givan Steenkamp fromSouth Africa in the first round yesterday. Today all the Chinese fighters won against Russians in the Final .

Fighters from Iles of Mauritius won againstRussia – Mauritius won their Semifinal. Impressing. Not to say thatChina won 3 seminals against Russia. I have again honour these results because the Russians are strong.

I also must emphasizeTurkey and their magnificent results having 7 finalists. Congratulations Salim!

Last fight of the day was really a thriller. What an action fight. Felipe Stievano Micheletti fromBrazil beat Stefan Andjelkovic. In the picture WAKO Acting President together with Micheletti and the legendary promoter, Paulo Zorello.

I look so forward to the finals tomorrow and Saturday. The enthusiasm and energy is awesome and this Championship is producing Champions.

Espen Lund

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