Decision of WAKO (IF) Vice Presidents on 19/08/2015

August 21, 2015

Dear WAKO (IF) Members,

On behalf of WAKO (IF) Vice Presidents the WAKO Administration make the following communication and wish to inform you of the following.

On 19/08/2015, it was held a meeting of all WAKO (IF) Vice Presidents in the persons of Messrs. Werner Sossna, Horst Prelog, Espen Lund, Nasser Nassiri and Borislav Pelevic concerning the previous decision of WAKO (IF) Vice Presidents of 18 March 2015 whereby Mr. Salim Kayici was named Acting President.

After various discussions, the Vice Presidents came to the decision that certain conditions relating to the naming of Mr. Salim Kayici as Acting President have been violated and not met by Mr. Salim Kayici. There is also other relevant reasons, which will be better detailed in further communications.

Therefore, the Vice Presidents by majority votes on 19/08/2015 at 18h50 revoked with immediate effect the Vice Presidents’ decision of 18 March 2015 naming Mr. Salim Kayici as Acting President thus considering the said decision as null and void.
Furthermore, the Vice Presidents during the said meeting decided by unanimous decision on 19/08/2015 at 19h10 to name Mr. Roy Baker as a new Acting President of WAKO (IF) with immediate effect to serve until the election of the new WAKO (IF) President.

Accordingly, on behalf of Vice Presidents, it is hereby notified to you the decision of the Vice Presidents of 19/08/2015, which is to be considered immediately effective.
Mr. Salim Kayici has already been informed about the above mentioned decision and the fact that he is no more authorized to use the title of WAKO (IF) Acting President and or WAKO (IF) towards third parties.
As WAKO (IF) and WAKO continental Federations members you are requested to take a note of all the above.

If you have any question regarding the above mentioned decision, you can contact WAKO (IF) Administration.

Best regards,

WAKO Administration

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