May 7, 2008

Dear sport friends,

We want to remind you that there are only 3 days to send the registration forms for the “Yokoso Dutch Open”.
Be on time and send in the registration form.
Don’t miss this event.

There will be Semi-Contact for Children en Seniors. Light-Contact id for Men only.
You will be considered a senior from 17 years and up.
Furthermore also children will be able to entry more divisions.

Everything will be under WAKO rules.

All information (flyer, registration form and rules) can be downloaded from the website ( ).
If you still need to book a hotel, hurry up, because the city of Amsterdam is very busy this coming weekend.

Best regards,

Gina Engelhardt

Secretary General
WAKO Nederland

P.O. Box 715
1180 AS Amstelveen
The Netherlands
Phone : +31- (0)20- 6404264
Fax : +31- (0)20- 6404284
: +31- (0)6- 28837673
Email :

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