Ending Violence against Women in Rural Communities

October 25, 2017

Violence affects all groups of women and girls, regardless of income, age, or education. Women and girls living in rural areas face different risks to violence and challenges in responding.

Yet, it is not living in rural areas as such that places women and girls at greater risk of violence but rather their underserved nature – including high levels of poverty, lower access to high education, decent work, economic empowerment, and social protection – that increase their risk of being subject to violence and difficulties to leave an abusive relationship.

One of the main issues to be highlighted around violence against rural women is that services for survivors are not easily accessible and available for women from rural areas .

This #OrangeDay, the UNiTE Campaign focuses on Violence against Women in Rural Communities.


Access to services for survivors of violence is lacking in many rural areas around the world. Learn more about why shelters are crucial to women survivors of violence, what kind of services they provide, and the main challenges they face: http://bit.ly/2sYKATP
Practitioners! Take a look at this practical guide for rural and isolated communities, published by the Community Coordination for Women’s Safety Project, and learn more about how to build partnerships with other community actors in order to prevent violence against women in rural communities.
This year’s 16 Days of Activism are just a month away! In 2017 the UNiTE campaign will put a focus on violence against women living in rural areas as part of a series of Orange Spotlight Days. Visit our website for more information and start planning your activities today!
Find out which services are available in your country for survivors of violence and raise awareness for the issue of violence against women in rural communities by organizing an event in your local community center!
For more information, visit our website , like us on Facebook , or follow us on Twitter .

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UN Women

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