Finally recognition in Brazil!

September 6, 2018

Our kickboxing machine in the PanAm region, Brazil, has finally got its national recognition by the Ministry of Sport. Kickboxing is huge in Brazil, and thanks to the President, Paulo Zorello, many times WAKO World Champion and also President of the PanAm Confederation.
The Brazilian federation have approx 50.000 registered athletes and have a massive calendar every year.
Just this weekend Mr. Zorello is hosting the Copa Brazil with more that thousand athletes.

In our endeavor to get the IOC recognition, an official national acceptance from one of our biggest countries as Full members is of course important and this recognition manifest our massive growth all around the world!

Congratulations to the Confederação Brasileira de Kickboxing and its President Paulo Zorello!

Prof. Borislav Pelevic
WAKO IF President

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