December 11, 2008

Moscow (Russia) , on occasion of the first AIBA (boxing) World Cup, will host the last 2008 GAISF meeting regarding the Games of the fighting sports. As everybody remember, 13 International Federations of fighting sports agreed to create a new umbrella organization which oiginally was called Martial Arts Games. But since Wrestling and Boxing do not consider themselves Martial Arts at all, a new name is mandatory. And that it will come out in Moscow.

On 13th and 14th, the 13 IFs presidents and their collaborators will meet in Swisshotel to vote about – among other issues – the Bid cities wishing to host the first Games, the name of the Games, the dates of the Games, the Cultural program.

Rumours say that Beijing (China) will probably host the first Games and it will be in August, from 24th to 1st of September 2010.

WAKO have proposed to have 3 of its 7 disciplines in the first Games: semi contact,full contact and low-kick. Only about 80 competitors are allowed to be the Games, and so we have cut down our categories in semi contact to: -63,69,74,79,84 (male) and -55,-60 (female). In ring sports: -63,-67,-71,-75,-81 (male) and -52,-56 (female). We have also decided that our 2009 World Championships will be considered also final tests to qualify for the first Games. We will then consider only the official results of the next World events. The very best 4 competitors in each of the weight classes we have chosen will compete in the Games.

On our coming back, we’ll be able to give you all precise information.

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