November 19, 2007

November 16th, 2007 will stay as another great mile stone in WAKO’s history.

Mr. Espen Lund and Mr. Ennio Falsoni, the WAKO’s president, paid an historical visit to IOC Headquarters in Lausanne where they met Mr. Christophe Dubi ( IOC Sports Director) and Mr. Jean-Laurent Bourquin (Senior manager in the Sports Department), all in the picture.
Their meeting was scheduled for 1 hour only ,but it was so cordial that it lasted 3 hours!
They have introduced our sport and our organization to IOC for the first time, showing the recent DVD “30 yeras together” used in Belgrade General Assembly which was appreciated.
IOC managers put our leaders many questions to which they answered exaustively.
Useless to say that WAKO have proved to have all official countries (71 now!) and they left the meeting with the agreement of promoting , during our next WORLD CADETS & JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS scheduled in Naples in 2008 (September), an INTERNATIONAL FORUM about “the future of kickboxing” to which WAKO will officially invite all representatives from the so called competing “world bodies” . Members from GAISF and IOC will also be invited as observers, of course.
In other words, IOC recognition is our next goal and WAKO is on the right track.

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