Human resource development and the possibilities of e-learning in the frame of SportAccord

November 14, 2013

Dr. Richard Leyrer and Dr. Tibor Kozsla were invited to the SportAccord Council meeting held on 4th November 2013. They presented the e-learning education program based on the previous years’ national and international experiences. The Council showed interest to the proposed program and several International Sport Federations ensured on the spot dr. Leyrer and dr. Kozsla about their intention of taking part in the project and almost all representatives of other sports requested an opportunity for further negotiations. In the realization of the program the experts of the Semmelweis University of Budapest, Hungary, the Hungarian Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Human Resources’ Sport Secretariat of State of Hungary are taking part from the Hungarian side and SportAccord, International Olympic Committee Solidarity Program and the interested International Sport Federations from international side. Since then the cooperation has started with several International Sport Federations.


Please look at the letter enclosed by SportAccord President Mr. Marius Vizer addressed to Dr. Richard Leyrer and Dr. Tibor Kozsla.


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