Official Notice about Kickboxing in Portugal

November 24, 2022

To the Portuguese clubs, athletes and all the WAKO members

Please be informed that the CAS – Court of Arbitration for Sport of Lausanne, by the final and binding arbitral award (CAS 2021/A/8312) delivered yesterday 23rd November 2022, has fully rejected the appeal brought by FPKMT against its exclusion as member from WAKO.

The arbitral award, inter alia, fully confirmed that: (i) WAKO lawfully excluded FPKMT; (ii) the exclusion of FPKMT was fully grounded by a just cause; (iii) the procedural rules governing the exclusion provided by the applicable WAKO Statutes and regulations were duly and strictly complied with by WAKO.

As of today and in accordance with the resolution adopted during the 2022 WAKO Ordinary General Assembly, FNKDA – Combat Sports Federation is the sole Portuguese Federation that is Member of WAKO and represents WAKO in Portugal. Accordingly, WAKO only recognizes FNKDA as the appropriate authority for the development, governance and function of the sport of kickboxing in Portugal.

Please be advised that we have learned about recent press releases by FPKMT in Portugal, whose content is misleading, contrary to the CAS arbitral award and do not reflect the content of the arbitral award itself.

The present Important Communication is also published in the social media and the arbitral award shall be soon available in the CAS website (

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