September 18, 2008


The WAKO Championships are coming up, and so are the preparations for the fighters, promotors and WAKO administration. We repeat some critical information.

Sports pass and Medical Certificate

All athletes in the championships must during the registration bring Sports pass and must attach a medical certificate not older than 1 year. Even though we will have medical check at the registration, the athlete will not be able to ask for a full medical check at the event. This health and safety rule will be strictly followed from this year on, so please make sure that no athletes will attend either the world or European championship without this document, as they will be refused entry at Junior or Senior World/European Championships without exception.


The fighters must have insurances for sports casualities and health. It often happens that injured fighters, because of missing insurance, don’t go to hospital or leave the hospital at an early state (reverse).

Vaccination recommendation!

To prevent transmission of infectious deseases, WAKO advises to consider documentation of adequate vaccination (DPT,Polio,MMR,Hep.A/B) and specific immunisations for the host country.

If any medical questions: Contact Mr. Reinhard Guschlbauer at

Weigh-in procedures

Besides the weigh-in at registration we will have weigh-ins for Ring Sports each morning on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for all fighters fighting that day.

The only identification allowed on the weigh-in is national passport, not sports pass.

Please make sure that your athletes use rational weight-loss methods at all times and are aware of the risks involved in significant weight loss.


WAKO and the championship promoters will cooperate with national anti-doping agency and will aim for tests in front of and during our championships. WAKO work for a doping-free sport.

Link to our anti-doping rules

Link to WADA prohibited list

By your athletes participation in our sport they are bound by our rules, it must be pointed out that it is the national federations responsibility to educate its coaches and athletes in this area.

If any Anti-Doping questions: Contact Mr. Roy Baker at

We see you all in WAKO Championships 2008

24-27 September

World Championships for Juniors/Cadets &rdash All disciplines

Naples , Italy

20-26 October

European Championships for Seniors &rdash Semi, Full, Musical, Aero

Varna , Bulgaria

24-30 November

European Championships for Seniors &rdash Low, K1 Rules, Light

Porto , Portugal

We are looking forward seeing you all great sportsmen in our championships.

Kind regards

World Association of Kickboxing Organizations

Espen Lund

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