IMPORTANT NOTICE – Final Update about Procedures for Anti Covid-19 Security Control at next WAKO World Championship 2021

September 16, 2021

To the kind attention of:
All the WAKO Members attending next WAKO World Championship 2021

Dear WAKO members,

Please read carefully the below attached letter from WAKO President Roy Baker and FEDERKOMBAT President Donato Milano containing important updated information on the health situation in Italy and instructions on travel requirements , to enable you to plan your trip to Italy in the best way possible for participation to the next WAKO Senior and Master World Championship.

As you know starting from this year the new WAKO Rules are in force which have brought changes in the registration procedure. In addition, the situation is very specific with the Covid-19 pandemic and all the requirements set by medical authorities of the hosting country.

Please find here below attached the WAKO REGISTRATION PROCEDURE 2021 which is valid for next WAKO World Championship for Seniors and Masters (all disciplines) to be held in Jesolo Lido (VE), Italy, from 15 – 24 October 2021 .

Special attention is paid to the COVID-19 REQUIREMENITS that have been defined by the WAKO Medical, Health and Anti-Doping Committee in accordance with the current valid requirements in the European Union.

The news for this and future years’ registrations is:

Please study the procedure in detail, send it to all members of your national team so to be informed of the obligations in a timely manner.

In particular, please inform directly all of your coaches and referees who plan to participate in the next WAKO World Championship.

In case of non-fulfilment of any of the stated obligations or observance of the stated deadlines, a member of the national team will not be allowed to participate in the Championship .

In case of any further information or clarification you may need on the attached forms please contact Romeo Desa, WAKO Technical Director:

Best regards,

WAKO Administration


  • WAKO World Championship 2021 Final Update On Procedures For Anti Covid19 (415 KB)


  • Equipment Notice Update For Next WAKO Championships 2021 (234 KB)


  • Notice About Equipment For Next WAKO Championships 2021 (179 KB)


  • Information About TWG Birmingham 2022 (265 KB)


  • Registration Procedure 2021 – 16.08.2021 (2 MB)


  • WAKO Medical Certificate Kickboxer 2021 (363 KB)


  • WAKO Medical Certificate Referee 2021 (375 KB)


  • WAKO Liability Waiver 2021 (209 KB)


  • WAKO Parental Consent (214 KB)


  • WAKO Dental Brace Certification 2021 (228 KB)


  • WAKO Medical Questionnaire 2021 (219 KB)


  • WAKO Non Pregnancy Declaration 2021 (305 KB)


  • WAKO Referee’s Code Of Conduct 2020 (290 KB)


  • WAKO Covid 19 Questionnaire 2021 (198 KB)


  • WAKO World Championship 2021 – Official Invitation (4 MB)


  • APPENDIXS_1,2,A,B,C_WC 2021 (editable PDF) (492 KB)


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