Information about The World Games 2021

February 21, 2019


Dear WAKO Members,

As previously announced ( see news here ) Kickboxing has been accepted at next edition of The World Games , to be held in Birmingham (USA), from 15th to 25th July 2021 as full official sport.

WAKO has been restricted to participating in one discipline, K1 rules , in 3 male and 3 female weight classes , for a total of 48 Athletes . The reason for only 48 atlhetes is a direct consequence of ONE positive doping test at the last World Games in Wroclaw. We all have a responsibility to eradicate doping in sport, so I ask that you take specific measures to educate and improve the situation in your respective coumtries.

Please be informed that the 6 selected weight categories approved by majority by the Board of Directors following advice of the appointed “ad hoc working group” with 8 fighters in each class are the following:


Men: – 63,5 Kg; -75 Kg; +91 Kg

Women: – 52 Kg; -60 Kg; -70 Kg

In each weight class 8 fighters representing 8 different countries will participate.

The Board of Directors has also approved by majority the same qualification criteria of previous edition (Wroclaw 2017) for participation to the World Games 2021 as follows:


Qualifications for IWGA World Games 2021 will be at the 2020 WAKO Continental Championships which will be organized by each WAKO Continental Federation/Confederation during 2020:

-WAKO African Championships – (During 2020, dates to be determined)

-WAKO Pan American Championships – (During 2020, dates to be determined)

-WAKO European Championships – (During 2020, in Antalya, Turkey, dates to be determined)

-WAKO Asian Championships – (During 2020, in Dubai, UAE, dates to be determined)


To ensure that all Continents will be represented by the best athletes in each weight class, athletes will be selected as follows:

– From WAKO Europe – 4 athletes (first, second and two third places on WAKO European Championships in 2020)

– From WAKO Pan America – 1 athlete (first place on WAKO Pan American Championships in 2020)

– From WAKO Asia – 1 athlete (pending to the result of the final stage of qualification)

– From WAKO Africa – 1 athlete (first place on WAKO African Championships in 2020)

The remaining one place will be split between:

a) Asia
b) Pan America


If an athlete pulls out from one of the 6 categories due to injury, doping violation, retirement or any other reason whatsoever, the following process will be applied;

  1. First priority given to USA the Host Country (if no USA fighter is already qualified in that weight category where the place becomes available).
  2. Second priority is granted systematically to WAKO Asia with the responsibility to select an athlete among WAKO Asia athletes that competed in the Continental Championships qualifiers.
  3. Third priority can be given to Oceania if both USA and Asia don’t have any replacement on that category.


For any clarification you may need you can contact, Mr. Romeo Desa, as Competition Manager for kickboxing TWG Birmingham 2021:

Further information and details on TWG Birmingham 2021 will follow as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Roy Baker
WAKO President

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