Information Circular by WAKO President

May 27, 2020

To the Presidents of the Federations/Associations members of WAKO

Dear Presidents,

Firstly, once again let me send you all our thoughts and prayers in the situation with the Covid-19 outbreak where everyone is affected.

We strongly believe in international solidarity, we will overcome these difficult times and our thoughts are with those of you who have been directly affected by the Covid-19 at a personal and professional level.

It came recently to our attention that our members in some countries are suffering from pressure being made by dissident Kickboxing organizations.

I can assure you, you have my full support and cooperation, if you are being put under pressure by individuals from other Organizations within WAKO and more importantly outside WAKO, you will receive the support and protection of the WAKO Board, myself as President and of course the continental Confederations/Federations.

As you are already informed, many “new self-made sports” Martial Art/Kickboxing organizations and or associations are been seen to be establishing by different individual, which are a clear copy of the existing styles/disciplines which we represent in the sport of Kickboxing using different names to try and cover such activities. I would like to remind all of you that WAKO Statutes, rules and regulations provide that WAKO members shall not:

a. be member of any other national or international kickboxing organization which include the Sport of Kickboxing as a discipline;

b. have among its members persons who are part of other national or international Kickboxing organizations which include the Sport of Kickboxing as a discipline;

c. permit or allow its affiliates to participate or officiate in any other national or international event(s) organized by kickboxing organizations which include the Sport of Kickboxing as a discipline.

WAKO members are not allowed to participate in any other national or international dissident Kickboxing organizations at World or Continental and national level. All WAKO events, World Championships, Continental Championships, are reserved to WAKO’s IF fully accredited members only .

National Federations/Associations members of WAKO are not allowed to have among their members and in their national teams the fighters who are current members of any dissident Kickboxing organizations and are participating in other various championships/ events/ tournaments under the sanctioning of other dissident Kickboxing Federations/organizations other than WAKO. I ask all of us to respect and apply our rules nationally and internationally.

The WAKO Board’s decision and WAKO rules and regulations are very clear and any WAKO member’s failure to respect the above-mentioned applied rules will face the serious sanction as defined by WAKO statutes.

You are hereby requested to inform your members and concerned national sport authorities and Olympic Committee immediately of the content of the present Information Circular to bring clarity and clear support to you our National Federations and the respective presidents.

I hope that this clarifies WAKO and its Continental Confederations/Federations’ positions.

Bes regards,

Roy Baker
WAKO President

CC: Presidents of the WAKO Continental Confederations/Federations


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