January 12, 2009
Dear Instructor/Coach

Online Registration.

Online Registration for the Irish Open closes on Friday 6 th March, so please ensure you register your students. We already have 56 clubs from 16 Countries, entered. When you register, you WILL receive a confirmation e mail for your registration, if you have NOT received a confirmation e mail, please contact me directly, without delay.


International Referee Seminar.

The Irish Open is one of three WAKO tournaments selected for a referee seminar and certification for the 2009 World and European Championships. The Seminar is taking place on Friday 13 th March at 2pm. The Seminar will cover, Semi Contact, Light Contact and Weapons/Forms. A member of the WAKO Refereeing Technical Committee will be taking the seminar. The seminar is free of charge. Following assessment over the weekend, Referees will be certified and ranked. This is on a pre registered basis, so if you would like to attend, please let me know.

Weight/Height Control

Before any of your team can weight/height check and register, the instructor must pay for the students collectively. Following payment in full and receipted, the students can go to weight control as a group of individually, immediately or as detailed below.

Weigh in and height check for all INTERNATIONAL teams takes place on Friday 13 th March from 2pm to 6pm.

Weigh in and height check for all IRISH teams participating in Male Black Belt Semi Contact and ALL Light Contact Divisions will weigh in on Saturday 14 th March from 9am to 10.30am

.Weigh in and height check for all IRISH teams participating Junior Semi Contact, Female Black Belt and all other Semi Contact divisions will weigh in on Sunday 15 th March from 9am to 10.30am

Weight control will not be held open, so it will close as detailed above.

Irish Open Schedule.

Friday 13th March 2009
7pm &rdash 10pm Team Event ( Four man one woman )

Saturday 14th March 2009

9am &rdash 10.30pm Registrations 11am &rdash 6pm ALL Light Contact Divisions, Six areas. 11am &rdash 5pm ALL Male Black Belt Divisions (Six Areas Up to finals) 5pm &rdash 6pm Female Grand Champion ( Four Areas up to Finals)

7pm * C L A S H O F T H E T I T A N S

All Men’s Black Belt Semi Contact Finals
2 men’s Light Contact Finals
2 Women’s Light Contact Finals

This is being TELAVISED

Sunday 15th March 2009

9am &rdash 10.30pm Registrations

11am Junior Divisions Semi Contact
The s/Girls Semi Contact Divisions All Grades

2pm Senior Divisions
Male/Female Semi Contact ( Beginner/Intermediate)

4pm Female Black Belt Divisions

4pm Men’s Grand Champion

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