December 22, 2011


For your information WAKO HQ is arranging a shipment of the last book written by WAKO President, Mr Ennio Falsoni, free of charge as gift to all WAKO members. Title of the book is: ” KICKBOXING – THE PHENOMENOLOGY OF A SPORT

“After reading the first pages of this book, some readers might wonder whether it’s a book about kickboxing or the author’s autobiography. However, they will soon realize that the author’s life has been thoroughly intertwined with every event concerning kickboxing, from the initial transformation of this ‘new way of conceiving and practicing karate’ into a modern and fascinating discipline that came to be called KICKBOXING in 1981. Therefore, the story of the author’s life and the history of kickboxing have become inseparable.
After joining the organization created by Georg Brückner in 1977, Ennio Falsoni soon discovered that the Berliner’s idea was indeed formidable, but lacking a solid organizational structure, which he has been gradually consolidating, particularly since his election as WAKO’s President in 1984.
His talent allowed him to mold the very concept of KICKBOXING. Undoubtedly, thanks also to the contribution of the outstanding collaborators surrounding him in WAKO, if today when we say KICKBOXING we mean a series of seven sports disciplines, we basically owe it to Ennio and his ability to envision the new martial art, to his intuition and to his persistence.”

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Anybody interested in purchasing the book, which price is Euro 20,00 + delivery costs , can place his/her order and contact directly WAKO HQ office writing to:
Please specify all your contact details (name, surname, postal address, phone number) then we’ll reply giving you all necessary information about the shipment and conditions of payment.

Wishing you all the best for the new year 2012, best regards


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