KiralyTeam Pointfighting (semi-contact) – Summer Camp, Csongrád, Hungary, from 25/07 to 01/08

January 15, 2009

Dear Pointfighters!

After the succes of the last year’s summer camp, what was realized in the results of the WAKO European Championship 2008, the KiralyTeam kindly invite every pointfighter who is open for the efficient work in a friendly atmosphere and able to conform to the high expectations of the year 2009.

The KiralyTeam Pointfighting Summer Camp is not an average training camp where the common preparation elements are used, more like a possibility to find and develop a sophisticated and unique fighting style. Using my training method where the continous analysis and the daily fights are indispensable we can work up an own fighting style for those who want to possess a leading position in this sport.

The most important unique point in our training camp is our coherent and friendly moral, what you probably know from the competitions we showed up, and here you can be part of it!

As long as we are able to train together as friends, we will fight against each other not like enemies but opponents, which is the essence of the pointfighting and the aim of the KiralyTeam.

Looking forward training with you!

Best wishes,

Istvan Kiraly

Coach of the Hungarian National Pointfighting Team

President of the KiralyTeam

Kiraly Mobile: +36309400935

E-mail: kiru6611@t-online.hu

Web: www.kiralyteam.hu

Summer Camp Webside – opening: 2009. 02. 01.: www.kiralyteam.hu/summercamp

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