Korean Kickboxing Association (WAKO KOREA) held its elective General Assembly on 19th December 2017

December 27, 2017

The Korean Kickboxing Association (WAKO Korea) held its elective General Assembly on 19 December 2017 at Hilton Seoul millennium.

Mr. Eui-Woong Mah, the president of WAKO Korea during last 8 years could not renew his position according to Korean national law and Korean Olympic Committee, which provide a maximum of two mandates. Mr. Eui-Woong Mah, became early 2010 President and his position was renew in 2016.

Accordingly, the General Assembly deliberate for election of the new President and Executive ended by inaugural ceremony.

The following Board members were elected during the above-mentioned General Assembly:

  • Jung-Eon Park, President

  • Eui-Woong Mah, Senior advisor

  • Sun-Taek Kong, Vice President

  • Eun-Cheon Jeong, Vice President

  • Ik-Dong Seo, Vice President

  • Jun-Hui Choi, Vice President

  • You-Seong Kim, Member of the Board

  • Byeong-Hwa Oh, Member of the Board

  • Hwan-Kwon Kang, Member of the Board

  • Seung-Hun Uh, meMember ber of the Board

  • Ju-Nam Choi, Member of the Board

  • Min-Hyeok Choi, Member of the Board

  • Gi-Ho Jeong, Member of the Board

  • Jeong-Ho Hyun, Member of the Board

  • Yeong-In Kwon, Member of the Board

  • Kyeong-Hwan Kho, Member of the Board

  • Seong-Eon Kim, Member of the Board

  • Hyeon-Geun Shin, Member of the Board

  • Chang-Won Ju, Auditor

  • Sun-Muk Choi, Auditor

Mr. Nasser Nassiri, President of Asian Kickboxing Confederation (WAKO ASIA) and Vice President of WAKO, who initiated the foundation of WAKO Korea in 2008, congratulated Mr. Jung-Eon Park, the new President and executives with whom he met earlier in November 2017 in Seoul.

Korean Kickboxing Association (WAKO Korea) is recognized by and a member of Korean Sport & Olympic Committee.

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