January 7, 2008

On occasion of his recent visit to Mauritius Island, president Ennio Falsoni had the possibility to meet the leaders and the coaches of the Mauritius Kickboxing Federation to plan future activity with the main goal of developing WAKO kickboxing even further in Africa and in the Indian Ocean. (In the picture, Mr. Falsoni is between president Mr. Judex Jeannot and P.R. Mr. Christian Calouh)

In a cordial meeting, it was decided to grant Mauritius the chance to promote the first 2008 African Championships in LOW-KICK (men only). The event will take place in the first fortnight of November 2008. All African countries affiliated to WAKO will be invited ,of course, in due time. That Championship will also offer an international technical seminar to coaches and instructors and at the same time there will be an international seminar for refeees and judges to qualify the best of them for the 2009 World Championships.

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