September 30, 2008

When Italy decided to place the 2008 World Cadet/Junior Championships in Naples we knew we could count on a good organizing committee, but we didn’t expect of course what happened immediately after, that Naples’ streets remained full of garbage for months! Mass media all over he world reported negatively about that and we feared to be damaged in our promotion. Luckily president Berlusconi, using the Army, cleaned everything in time and Naples and its magnificent surroundings (with some exceptions) got back to their old splendour.

We just ended our 2008 edition and we are logically happy of the overall results of our event: we had 1050 competitors (who entered in 1350 different divisions and type of competitions) representing 43 countries from the 5 continents, 78 official judges and referees. Altogether about 2000 people involved in our event: a new great record for our organizzation!

Sorry to say that some Muslim countries could not participate in our Championships due to their Ramadan period and that Georgia, Bosnia, Nigeria, Egypt, Mongolia teams could not get visas due to restrictions in the Shengen Laws, otherwise numbers in our World Championships could have been astonishing.

You can enjoy some photos clicking on our Album and if you wish to give a look at our official results, please go to:

Risultati in formato zip – contiene file in pdf

Medagliere in formato zip – contiene file in pdf

Tabelloni in formato zip – contiene file in pdf

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