National Research Committee for Kickboxing in Brazil

February 16, 2021

The National Research Committee (CNPK) is a new constituted instance linked to the Brazilian Kickboxing Confederation (CBKB) which is the highest authority for kickboxing in the country.

The Committee’s institutional objective is to structure and develop an area of studies and research on Kickboxing, starting by gathering and disseminating scientific and academic production on the subject in Brazil. The CNPK will connect CBKB with Universities, Research centers and National and International development sport agencies.

Its members were appointed by WAKO PanAm President Paulo Zorello in January 2021 and all have remarkable education, outstanding biographys and marvellous experience in both academic and Kickboxing practice.

The President of the National Research Committee is Carlos Fett (3rd Dan Black Belt) and the members are: Aldrin Silva Vieira (2nd Dan Black Belt), Tiaraju Orsi (Brown Belt) and Marcelo Coutinhom (2nd DAN Black Belt).

In its stategic planning for the future, beyond its educational programs, WAKO is going to bring together all disposed national research programs which can improve common knowledge bases about kickboxing.

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