Notification About Suspension of African Kickboxing Confederation (WAKO AFRICA)

February 15, 2022


Dear Presidents and General Secretaries,

In accordance with article 44ter, paragraph 5, of WAKO’s Statutes, by the present we inform you that today WAKO has officially notified to the African Kickboxing Confederation (WAKO AFRICA) the suspension of its recognition as WAKO’s Continental Federation in Africa for failure to fulfill its missions and duties under WAKO’s Statutes (art. 44ter, paragraph 1).

The decision of the WAKO’s Board of Directors is due to the material non-compliance by WAKO Africa with the reiterated requests by the WAKO’s Board of Directors regarding the change of the WAKO Africa’s Statutes, in order to make it compliant with the current WAKO (IF) Statutes and the total inactivity of the Continent of WAKO Africa. Moreover WAKO has acknowledge a fundamental breach of the provisions of WAKO’s Statutes regarding a proper corporate governance of African Kickboxing Confederation as there are no formal and duly convened meetings of the Board of Directors and General Assemblies.

According to article 44ter, paragraph 2, of WAKO Statutes, WAKO has notified WAKO Africa that –  in case it does not provide to WAKO proof that a duly convened WAKO Africa’s Board of Directors has resolved upon the start of the process of review and update of WAKO Africa’s Statutes and has submitted the draft of such revised Statutes to WAKO within 21 days from the date hereof, the suspension decision communicated to WAKO AFRICA today may lead to the final withdrawal of the recognition of WAKO Africa as WAKO’s Continental Federation in Africa.

In such a case, according to article 44ter, paragraph 4, any decision by the Board of Directors to withdraw a Continental Federation’s recognition shall be subject to ratification by the next General Assembly. Until the General Assembly has decided, the Continental Federation shall be provisionally (or remain, if applicable) suspended.

As a consequence of the suspension of the recognition of African Kickboxing Confederation as WAKO’s Continental Federation, African Kickboxing Confederation shall:

  1. not enjoy any of the other rights conferred upon it as a Continental Federation;
  2. continue to fulfill its mission and duties under Article 44bis of these Statutes, unless and until WAKO expressly and specifically directs otherwise; and
  3. WAKO may itself assume the role of Continental Federation for the continent concerned, in which case the Continental Federation shall be obliged to collaborate with WAKO upon request so as to ensure that the mission set out in Article 44bis, paragraph 1, of WAKO’s Statutes is fulfilled in the relevant continent.

We will update you in the not too distant future about the next steps to stabilize, promote and govern the sport of Kickboxing in the interests of Africa and its member federations.


Best regards,
Roy Baker
WAKO President

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