One more membership in the international Sports Organization

April 22, 2016

During the SportAccord Convention in Lausanne, WAKO delegates: Mr. Borislav Pelevic, WAKO President, Mr. Roy Baker, WAKO Vice President and Mr. Espen Lund, WAKO Vice President, had a very important and successful meeting with International Sports Organization for University Sport. The meeting was held in the FISU office in Lausanne.

FISU( International sports organization for University sport,) representatives Paulo Ferreira (FISU Director) and Dejan Susović (Chief Operating Officer of the FISU) were very pleased about constructive meeting and confirmed that FISU is interested to have WAKO as their member.

On the meeting it was explained the procedure about the application. WAKO Committee for international relations intend to, immediately after Convention is over, start preparing the application.
FISU representatives were introduced that great number of WAKO National Federations are already members of their National FISU Organizations and that they already compete on University WAKO Championships.

This is another big step WAKO made. In writing the new chapter of the WAKO history, FISU membership will be very important for credibility of our organization.

Photo: (from right to the left) Mr. Paulo Ferreira, Dr. Borislav Pelević, Mr. Roy Baker, Mr. Espen Lund and Mr. Dejan Susović

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