Press release: Saudi Arabia Awarded World Combat Games 2023

May 28, 2021

RIYADH, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – will host the 2023 World Combat Games. The World Combat Games (WCG) is a celebration of Martial Arts and Combat Sports inviting the 15 Combat Sports and Martial Arts who are members of GAISF. Riyadh was awarded this prestigious sporting and cultural event and His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Faisal Al-Saud President of the National Olympic Committee of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, stated, “the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is looking forward to welcoming athletes from all parts of the world to the Kingdom.” His Royal Highness further stated, “Saudi Arabia is very much aligned with the Olympic Values and this event is within the country’s vision for 2030 to promote a vibrant society with a diverse and thriving economy.”

He further stated that, “Saudi Arabi has the infrastructure and will use this event to strengthen the martial arts community in Saudi Arabia and use this multi-sport games as one of the first major events toward the Asian Games 2034.”

GAISF and SportAccord President, Raffaele Chiulli stated, “the World Combat Games is much more than a sporting event powered by GAISF, it is part of a MoU between GAISF and the IOC. The WCG represents sports as much from the Non-Olympic, as from the Olympic family. The next steps will be to finalize the sport program with the IFs and the final approval from the IOC.”

The Chairman of the GAISF Multi-Sport Games and GAISF Vice President, Stephan Fox who is a former martial arts world champion stated, “Saudi Arabia is an ideal choice for this post-pandemic event showcasing an exchange of culture from around the world and is the perfect bridge between elite sport and local communities. The bid presented by Saudi is robust and inspiring. The vision for this event will bring a festival celebratory atmosphere. There will be workshops by leading martial art masters, educational conferences and the first World Martial Arts Gala, honoring the legends of martial arts and combat sports.”

The MoU was signed in a special ceremony at the General Assembly of the National Olympic committee of Saudi Arabi with all recognized national federations, martial arts and combat sports present.

President of WAKO Mr Roy Baker was delighted with the news: “This is one of the most important stages for our athletes to shine on and this confirmation of the event truly excites us and its positive news for combat sports at this difficult time for all sports, we will rightly mobilise around this positive event and all its associated sub events as we have done in the past.”

This long-awaited event will bring positive opportunity and much excitement within the martial art and combat community. The world is ready for the Riyadh World Combat Games 2023.

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