Press release: The GameChangers team are picked!

April 22, 2021

Finally the WAKO GameChangers team are picked.
After a long period of applications, evaluations and planning the team have been approved and constructed.

A total of 15 ambassadors from 15 countries and 3 continents are now formally and officially part of the GameChangers program.

WAKO GameChangers (WGC) is a newly created sport leadership and management program tailored for WAKO. It is established under the WAKO Athlete Corner umbrella, WAKO’s learn and share concept and it is built on the pillars to educate and develop the future potential leaders of our sport.

Two of our hopeful representatives are Elijah Everill from Great Britain and Paulina Jarzmik from Poland. They are incredible athletes with a high degree of skills and are really true ambassadors and really dedicated representatives of our sport, that we hope can make a difference as gamechangers for the future . We are looking for real changemaking. They are both multiple world champions and outstanding in all possible ways. These are just two out of a brilliant team.

WAKO’s President Roy Baker said “I am very excited to start working with this team of competent young people from around the world and to assist in their development and to implement the program going forward. This is all about empowering our next generation, the next leaders, to develop succession planning and ensure we are focusing on the right people at the right time, to get the right outcome for the sustainable future of the sport of kickboxing. We will of course need to expand and explore further possibilities, that energies, empowers and excites our next generation, to bring out the best in our youth, to be curious, to learn and to share.”

Now the work really starts. The modules are in development and planned and we will have a start up in June, planning the coming year for our 15 ambassadeurs.

The WAKO GameChangers team are;

  • Elijah Everill (GB)
  • Paulina Jarzmik (Poland)
  • Dino Belosevic (Croatia)
  • Angelina Pelevic (Serbia)
  • Juan Leonardo Corrales (Argentina)
  • Lucia Feckova (Slovakia)
  • Lamija Ogric (Bosnia Herzegovina)
  • Muhammad Nazri Bin Zutari (Singapore)
  • Tirill Nanett Bjørnestad Næss (Norway)
  • A`Day Ali Abdulraheem Almaharmeh (Jordan)
  • Kiandro Lebon (Belgium)
  • Timothy Bos (Italy)
  • Jeno Rohonczi (Hungary)
  • Jake Riddel (Ireland)
  • Luis Fernando Sanchez de los Reyes (Mexico)

WAKO is the world governing body of the sport of kickboxing. WAKO is provisionally recognized by the IOC.


Paulina Jarzmik (Poland)

Elijah Everill

Elijah Everill (GB)

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