Report of International Seminar in Brasil

March 23, 2016

Brazil, the city of Piracicaba, Brazil Confederation of Kickboxing, the Sports Association of the City of Piracicaba and World Kickboxing Federation (WAKO) were the organizers GREAT kickboxing seminar for Brazil. The aim of the seminar is to educate a large number of fighters, trainers, clubs and federations (attended by the representatives of Ecuador and Colombia), as well as expanding the base of kickboxing in southern America.

At the invitation of the World Federation (WAKO), and in front of Trainers Committee (same federation) Farigat Kasymov (docent Faculty of Chelyabinsk and the first name ‘Zbornaya command’ ‘), and I (Miodrag Jotić), we went to hold seminar for discipline K -1 and Low Kick. We knew nothing about the details of seminars, site maintenance, the level of the participants of the seminar, and we just knew that the Brazilian Federation (headed by the great sport legend, a pioneer of kickboxing in South America -Paul Zorello), will do everything to make our stay enjoyable. However, what we have experienced, seen and felt, exceeded all our expectations.

Outstanding space Brazilian Confederation in kickboxing (CBKB), was too small to accommodate all the interested parties. Although in the same place seminars held Sammy Schilt, Don Wilson, Roy Baker (as well as other big competitors) , simply Farigat Kasymov, and I stayed swollen the number of seminar participants. Every day in two terms (morning and afternoon), the hall was filled to capacity. In addition to numerous participants from various clubs, trainees from Colombia, Ecuador, every day of the biggest names in Brazilian kickboxing was present. Felipe Stevano Micheletti, Tadeu da San Martino, Fernando dos Santos, Alexandra Perereira, Thiago Silva Perreira Michel, Daniele de Mattos Gonsalves, Adilson Facchin, Guto Inocente … Names of respect! The conquerors of many of the world, World Kombat (SPORTACCORD), and Pan American medals, Golden Glory tournament …. Hall filled every condition for work. Two rings, three tatamis, a wrestling arena, a place with bags, locker rooms with bathroom, sleeping room, as well as office space. Competitors were sleeping in the locker room, on mattresses, staying here all the time during the seminar. People who were cleaning the place during the day, cleverly, every time after training, cleaned the whole object.

Each workout is passed in silence, work, executing tasks – without question or questions! With comments Brazilian trainer, work on Russian and Serbian way has brought a lot of new things (comment athlete and coach) in their understanding of kick boxing. This way of exchanging experience is important for the development of sport at all levels. This is precisely the aim of this seminar! Differences in work, training, understanding, training, education and fighting in general, presented to a wide range of participants in this seminar, and as such represent a milestone in the base of a sport.

What I was surprised (pleasantly), is that every time after training, practitioners approach and thanks to the demonstrated technique, exercises or advice. In addition to the bow and handshake and asking for a photograph. First it was weird, and then I tried to see ‘hidden camera’, but in the end I experienced a sense of otherness as a way to pay tribute to the coach! Indeed so little attention, and so much joy to coach …

Exchange of experiences with our friends , tips, comments, questions about the functioning of the Russian and Brazilian competitions, clubs, federations, will certainly mean a lot of work in our alliance, both organizationally and competition. Brazilian competitors are not able to travel as our competitors. They pay their expenses, buy their own equipment and do not have a scholarship. But their desire for progress and victory is proving a part of them, their great country and a great heart of the Brazilian people.

Special thanks to the host Paulo Zorello , gen. Secretary Sports Federation Piracicaba professor Jose Francisco Rodrigues, Host of sport hall prof. Jose Ronaldo Lucentino, and all seminar participants, spectators, observers and staff of the facility.


Miodrag Jotic

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