Results of WAKO Athlete, Coach and Women Committees elections

September 3, 2016

On August 27th and 28th, 2016, at City West Hotel Conference & Event Centre, in Dublin, Ireland, the elections for WAKO Athlete, Coach and Women Committees took place.

Apart the first three positions appointed directly by the WAKO IF Board of Directors for a 4 year term all other members of the below Committees were conducted in compliance with the provisions of articles 1.05.5 and 1.05.21 of WAKO By-laws.


1. Mr. Tomaz Barada (Slovenia) – Chairman
2. Mr. Roy Baker (Ireland)
3. Mrs. Gloria De Bei (Italy)
4. Mrs. Mette Solli (Norway)
5. Mrs. Lucia Cmarova (Slovakya)
6. Mr. Billy Bryce (Great Britain)
7. Mr. Emanuil Dimitrov (Bulgaria)
8. Mrs. Elaine Small (Ireland)
9. Mr. Brandon Grech (Australia)
10. Mr. David Watts (New Zealand)
11. Mr. Raymond Daniels (USA)
12. Mr. Thiago Michel (Brazil)


1. Mr. Daimi Akin (Norway) – Chairman
2. Mr. Istvan kiraly (Hungary)
3. Miodrag Jotic (Serbia)
4. Mr. Junior Kistow (Trinidad&Tobago)
5. Mr. Nikos Memmos (Greece)
6. Mr. Gianfranco Rizzi (Italy)
7. Mr. Dev Barrett (Great Britain)
8. Mr. Godwin Okon-Wilson (Nigeria)
9. Mr. Pasi Rantala (Finland)
10. Mr. Tomasz Skrzypek (Poland)
11. Mr. Ed Bavelock (Australia)
12. Mr. Dave Heffernan (Ireland)


1. Mrs. Kate Kocisewzska (Poland)
2. Mrs. Marijana Pelevic (Serbia)
3. Mrs. Francesca Falsoni (Italy)
4. Mrs. Diane Greaves (Trinidad and Tobago)
5. Mrs. Jacqueline Walter (Canada)
6. Mrs. Judex Jeannot (Mauritius)
7. Mrs. Aboa Zanga (Cameroon)
8. Mrs. Tara Jay (New Zealand)
9. Mrs. Sahnaz Mirhaidari (Iran)
10. Mrs. Thea Therese Naess (Norway)

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