December 3, 2008

Rick Dobson, President of WAKO NZ, has been recently awarded as manager of the Year for the district sports awards in New Zealand.

Many congratulations from WAKO for this important achievement!

We also want to wish him all the best and a fast recovery since he will be soon operated to his heart as he himself explains in the letter we decided to publish here below:

“Hi all,

Many of you have been asking when I’m going into the Hospital for my operation. Well, the big day has come and its come as a shock due to waiting for so long then its happening so quickly now. I was phoned yesterday to go into the Hospital today for a final pre-op. I am to be admitted on Monday the 8th December (NZ time), where I will be removed from the medication I am on, monitored for a few days checking my blood thickness and ensuring I don’t have another stroke, then I will have the surgery on the Thursday 11th December. Should everything go to plan, I will spend a day to two days in Intensive care, then be moved to a recovery ward for a couple of days, then back onto the Coronary care ward. I should be discharged from the Hospital after 6-10 days after the operation,

providing everything heals as it should, I will be cared for at home by Adele and the Coronary after care unit for 6-8 weeks at which time I should be fit enough to return to work, but no heavy lifting, and in my case, no close prisoner contact due to the risks of injury. So Ill be handcuffing a desk up for about 6-8 weeks after that.

There are obvious risks to this operation, but I’m expected to have a 3 month recovery time, (Providing there’s no complications or infections after the Operation) but, I’m aiming to be high kicking again in 10 weeks . So please remind me of this as I go through the recuperation period.

Obviously during the time I am in Hospital Adele wont be wanting to be on the phone to everyone, so I have set up this distribution list for Adele to keep people important to me, informed of what is happening, so if you could please pass on any information to others you associate with who wants to know please?

Adele will welcome any e-mails or texts during this time, and will reply when she is able. I will be on and off Mobile during my stay in the Hospital but if you don’t know, my personal phone number its +64272 552 522, I will reply if able.

Thanks to everyone during my time being ill, for the support you have shown. Last hurdle now, but get this over with and I can get back to a normal life.

Should I be kept in Hospital with any type of complication, I will wish you all a great Christmas, and I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New year. If everything is ok and I’m out of hospital before Christmas, Ill say it again then.

Thanks all, I will be on E mail till Monday the 8th.

Best wishes”

Rick Dobson

Chief Coach &rdash Phantom Kickboxing

National President &rdash WAKO (NZ)

President – WAKO (Oceania)

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