South African National Kickboxing Championship 2015

May 5, 2015

South African National Kickboxing Championship took place in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. South African Kickboxing Association generally organize their national championship every year generally on the first week of May to select athletes of South African Kickboxing National Team for WAKO World Championships and this year it was held on 2nd and 3rd of May. This year, 469athletes competed in South African National Kickboxing Championship. According to Patrick CARNEY, President of South African Kickboxing Association, kickboxing is running very well in the country due committed parents and especially mother who assist with all levels of administration.

Special guest of this national championship was Mr. Salim KAYICI, Acting President of WAKO and his visit to South Africa was historical since it was the first time that an Acting President of WAKO visited the country for a kickboxing event. Mr. Salim KAYICI made a declaration during his visit and said: “This visit was already planned before my election as Acting President and I was invited by my close friend Pat Carney, President of South African Kickboxing Association. After my election as the Acting President of WAKO, this visit became more important for me because now I am working on WAKO’s IOC application process and Africa is really important for this process. Here we witnessed a top level national championship and I am really very happy to see that WAKO has such a high level in Africa. I also attended the event South Africa vs Canada kickboxing event during my stay and it was great to see the co-operation between our members from different continents. To contribute the co-operation between continents, on behalf of Turkish Kickboxing Federation, I signed bilateral cooperation agreements with South African Kickboxing Association and Canada Council of Amateur Sport of Kickboxing. I hope this will make a big contribution to development of kickboxing. I would like to thank my close friend Pat Carney and South African Kickboxing Association for their kind invitation and hospitality. I had wonderful few days in the beautiful city of Cape Town.”

Mr. Salim KAYICI, signed the bilateral co-operation agreements with Patrick CARNEY, President of South African Kickboxing Association and Muzammal NAWAZ, President of Canada Council of Amateur Sport of Kickboxing to develop the good relations between federation and to contribute development of kickboxing in countries.

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