Stronger together

March 22, 2022

WAKO The Netherlands and WAKO Germany will collaborate intensively  in  the  field  of Kickboxing.  After  the  international Olympic  recognition of  WAKO,  both  sports  associations have ambitious goals and therefore want to join forces.

“We know  our  German  partners  and  friends  from the WAKO competitions and it is natural that we consider them as the  partner,”  says  WAKO  NL President  Gina Engelhardt.

WAKO  Germany president Oliver Hahl also sees many opportunities: ”The Netherlands have a long and successful tradition in the field of Kickboxing and K1. We are very happy with the cooperation agreement.”

Both teams will  face  major  challenges,  such  as  the World Games 2022 in Birmingham (USA).

The first  joint training has been organized March 5-6, with ring sport Duch national coach Francois Lubbersorganized and  the  German WAKO  K1 top sport selection with vice-president Andreas Riem, head coach Brahim Triqui and K1 trainer Ali Yalcin and more than  40 athletes  from  both  countries  trained  together  in  the excellently equipped gym „Fight district“.

The  sports  director  of  WAKO  Germany Steffen Grosse was full of praise: “The training facilities were excellent, Francois is a great trainer. Experience, knowledge and an eye for detail.“

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