March 18, 2009 of May, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Low Kick and K1 styles for Seniors and Juniors (men and women)

Dear friends, colleagues and sport workers all around the world:

Cash Prize – 15.000 Euro , awarding the winners in each category, and plus awarding the best of the best in each discipline. (This money award is the best in this year, click here to get more information! )

Seniors and juniors (men) are participating in Low Kick or K1 style
Seniors and juniors (women) are participating only in Low Kick

The tournament takes place in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The manifestation and all sport happenings are in the Olympic hall “Zetra” , the best equipped hall in the region (17.000 seats). The contest will be simultaneously on three rings.

Official hotel of this tournament is “Hotel Terma” (4 stars) also one of the best equipped hotels in the region, with termal pools and sport-recreational halls. (Despite the high quality, the prices for contenders are more than modest).

The transfer from the official hotel to the sport hall, and all the way back, is organized during the whole tournament.

Complete tournament will be transmitted by a big TV station, with satellite broadcast. ( NTV Hayat )

It is important to add a fact that we have already received official approval for participation from contenders all over the world, from every continent (20 countries). This means that this tournament’s competition is very hard and heavy, and this is also an excellent test for anyone who thinks of himself to be a supreme fighter, or to have supreme fighters. And they will also be awarded appropriately. (Cash Prize)

Be a part of this project and enable your fighter to be a winner on >Super World Cup Sarajevo 2009<
If you need any additional information or help please feel free to contact us, or visit us on our website –

Best Regards
Enver Hebibović – Full

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