July 19, 2008

July 16, 2008

Press Release

The Council of Amateur Sport Kickboxing (CASK) has finalized the Canadian National Junior team that will be traveling to Naples Italy to participate in the WAKO Junior/Cadet World Championships in September 2008.

For the first time in Canadian history CASK has assembled a National team with junior athletes in all kickboxing disciplines &rdash semi-contact, light-contact, full-contact, K-1 rules, and forms/weapons.The Canadian delegation is over 50 persons and represents 17 clubs from across the country.

CASK has assembled Canada’s top coaches in all ring and tatami disciples to develop the national team.WAKO is considered the premiere organization in kickboxing and CASK made sure it recruited the top coaches to help develop the Canadian squad.

The junior team was selected in early 2008 and has been training together at mandatory training camps throughout the country to prepare these young athletes.

‘It is exciting to see young athletes coming from Thai boxing, kickboxing, martial arts disciplines, all training together to achieve excellence at the WAKO Championships,’ stated Muzammal Nawaz current President of the National Board of CASK.

‘We wanted to ensure that not only did we have a strong Canadian delegation at the WAKO Championships, but that these young athletes were well prepared.CASK actually recruited coaches to join our National association and show their loyalty to CASK and WAKO and to help us build a long-term legacy of excellence.’

‘Many countries have attended the WAKO championships for many years and have very strong teams.However I believe strongly that many at the World championships will be very surprised to see the quality and tenacity of the Canadian athletes at these championships.’

This will be the largest Canadian team ever to attend a WAKO Championships and the National Board feels strongly that this is the future for Canadian kickboxing.

Please see attached picture of selected Canadian athletes.

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